The Centre - Project

„…What no eye has seen and no ear has heard,
what the mind of man cannot visualise;
all that God has prepared for those who love him.”

1 Corinthians 2, 9

Guest in the house, God in the house!

So you’ve decided to take your whole family to a retreat. It’s a no mean challenge. You’ve done several dozen or even hundreds of kilometres. If it was winter you had to make your way through icy, bumpy roads, during summer you didn’t even want to leave car during rest breaks because of the withering heat. You are exhausted to say the least, running out of steam and all you dream about is finally get to your room. Maybe you’ve been on many retreats before and you know what to expect… Or maybe something will surprise you in a positive way?

All of a sudden someone relieves you of your baggage, invites you inside, helps looking after your juvenile company. You take off your coats and shoes… and feel at home 🙂

Dream room

You enter your room. No, not a room, it’s a suite – two bedrooms with a mini lounge in between where you can, for instance, drink your morning coffee together, because there’s everything you need to make it at your disposal. There’s also a bathroom just for you. Are you arriving with an infant? Sure thing – there’s a cot and a child carrier prepared as well, and for preschoolers – a special stool so that they can use the washbowl and easily wash their hands by themselves.
Things are good 🙂 You don’t need to go to sleep at the same time as your kids because they have their own bedroom! The evening will be just for You – how about watching the sun setting over the lake or listen to crickets chirping. Wait, a lake! Mosquitos?! Phew! There are window screens 🙂 The beds don’t creak, the wardrobes don’t fall apart, there’s no dampness, no old dusty carpets… There sheets are fresh and with no holes in them. And there was no need to bring your own towels, we have them on site, same as with soap, shampoo and other essential cosmetics. Everything’s simple yet clean and tidy 🙂
OK, so you’ve made yourself comfortable, unpacked, freshened yourself up and had a coffe. It’s time to view the rest of the Centre and its surroundings.

The unusual surroundings

And the surroundings are really worth mentioning. The promenade by the lake, a forest nearby, a cycle path. There are bikes, walking poles as well as pedal go-karts for kids on site, there’s also a football field, a volleyball court, a tennis court and a playground. Inside there’s a playroom, cafeteria and a library. It’s our special relax and socialise area 🙂 Kids have fun with their peers, youths play board games and you meet other guests by a coffee table having your children under your watchful eye. And if there’s still some time left, call by the library, where apart from some good lecture you’ll find Christian audiobook nad conference CDs which, by the way, you can listen to in your suite.
And that’s just the beginning. 🙂

An ideal place for meetings

You’ve got to know some of the retreat crew, you’ll meet the others having your first meal together. Right, but I wonder what will they serve, margarine and mortadella? To put it briefly – it’s gonna be healty, tasty and diversely. You okay with this?
The dining area is big enough for everyone, and actually, there’s enough space to organise a party there. Keep that in mind – there are kitchen facilities, a sizeable dance floor, a place to stay overnight.
Retreat means meeting God 🙂 Not only in other people but also personally – in a common or personal prayer. The chapel will seat the whole retreat community and throughout the Centre you’ll surely find many secluded places for your intimate conversation with God, your Tent of Meeting.
Renew your spirit and body 🙂

Center relations

Prayers, conferences, Christian cinema and books, meeting God – you experience the beauty of His creation at every step. Building relationship with people – evening meetings by the fireplace or grill, children friendships made in the sandbox on the playground, the spirit of fair play during team plays of bowling or billiards.

Renew the spirit and body

Discover the secrets of healthy nourishment of body that God entrusted you with. A sound mind in a sound body and vice versa. Or maybe you’d rather fast? No problem! It’ll be honest, as in the Book of Daniel: „Please allow your servants a ten days’ trial, during which we are given only vegetables to eat and water to drink (…) When the ten days were over, they looked better and fatter than any of the boys who had eaten their allowance from the royal table.”
How else can you help renewing your body? Swimming pool? Sauna? Or maybe exercises at a gym?

And when an afternoon happens to be free for a family outing, there are attractions, interesting places to see or forests great for mushroom hunting in the area.

What can we do for you more?

Maybe you have other needs or ideas about which we don’t know yet – please fill in the following survey We’ll build this place TOGETHER, a place to which you’ll want to COME BACK to RENEW YOUR SPIRIT AND BODY. It’ll be YOUR place, tailored to your needs and God’s potential, a place where everyone could praise the Lord and where everything will be for His glory!

The following facilities will be at your disposal on site: 


  • intimate meetings with God
  • common celebration of liturgy
  • undying adoration 24/7
  • celebrating important days of your life before the Lord

„I shall praise you to the heights, God my King, I shall bless your name for ever and ever.
Day after day I shall bless you, I shall praise your name for ever and ever.
Great is Yahweh and worthy of all praise, his greatness beyond all reckoning.

Psalms 145, 1-3


  • adapted for family stays
  • separate rooms for children and parents
  • hotel standard

  • clean and elegant
  • homey, welcoming atmosphere
  • common lounge and bathroom

„Yahweh is my shepherd, I lack nothing.
In grassy meadows he lets me lie. By tranquil streams he leads me to restore my spirit.”
Psalms 23, 1-3


  • joint celebration at the table
  • a feast not only for the body
  • relationship building
  • exploring the arcana of healthy cuisine

„You will eat and have all you want and you will bless Yahweh your God in the fine country which he has given you.”
Deuteronomy 8,10


  • arranging occasional dance parties
  • weddings and banquets

„They shall dance in praise of his name,
play to him on tambourines and harp!”

Psalms 149,3


  • meetings with remarkable people
  • conferences, trainings, lectures, retreats
  • deeper knowledge of God, growth, broadening horizons
  • relaxation for spirit and soul – good movie, the evening of glory, concert

„Bless the Lord, all the Lord’s creation: praise and glorify him for ever!”
Daniel 3, 57


  • a time for a meeting
  • a time for building relationships
  • a time for relax nad entertainment
  • a time just for you

„There is a season for everything,
a time for every occupation under heaven'”

Ecclesiastes 3,1


  • swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna
  • gym
  • bowling alley, billiards
  • bike and walking pole rental
  • tennis court
  • football field

  • A sound mind in a sound body!

„You have been bought at a price. So use your body for the glory of God.”
1 Corinthians 6,20


  • meeting the peers
  • joyful fun and learning
  • discovering the beauty of the world that God has given us
  • junior bible meetings
  • developing family relationship through spending time together
  • and even a moment of respite for parents 🙂

„Let the little children come to me; do not stop them;
for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs.”

Mark 10, 14


  • books, films and conferences for the asking
  • audiobooks to listen
  • we fly to the heaven on two wings – faith and knowledge!

„Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of our Lord.”
2 Peter 1,2

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